Unlocking leadership value in each type





Self-awareness, building strong relationships and reflection are critical to developing great leaders. This book focuses mainly on the first aspect: self-awareness. Learning tools to increase self-awareness help you become an effective leader.
Knowing who you are, and how you show up in situations is the first step to being able to adjust and adapt to different people and situations. It is also crucial in knowing your key strengths and strategies to manage your developmental areas.

About the Author

An Organisational Psychologist, and Executive Coach, Racheal has worked internationally with first time leaders to c-suite leaders. She has created an online learning platform for leaders to grow through bite-sized learning modules designed by international leadership experts.
Racheal provides a space for leaders to understand themselves and their world better. She equips them with tools to master their environment. In her quiet time, Racheal enjoys writing about leadership, and psychology and has contributed to the International Coaching Federation.


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