Leadership Games

Leadership Games

By Tim Hill

We at Dynamique at work are happy to provide you a link to leadership games through our Partners: Actee from Denmark. It’s easy to create a profile and access a number of free games (ActeeChange), where you can try out your skills around driving change and bringing people along with you – or not!

For the other games we can create a session for you as a demo if you contact us via info@dynamiqueatwork.com

Actee’s business games are among the most realistic and impactful on the market. The real power of the learning comes from the discussion and debate around choices in small groups of three or four, where the system gives you instant feedback on the impact of your actions.

ActeeChange is one of the three main areas of games, and has 61 different games. At the core, all of them concern the dilemma of implementing change in the organisation AND simultaneously leading multiple stakeholders. The games are based on various well-proven change management and leadership theories.

As Bob Johansen says gamification provides a format for trying out things in a safe environment where ‘people can die without being killed!’

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