Developing Executive Presence

Have you ever met a leader who walked in the room and immediately exuded a sense of authority and spoke with such clarity and charisma that immediately people listened?

While it is so easy to spot, not every leader has this ability. Most often this quality seems intangible and hard to describe what exactly executive presence is.

Forbes refers to Executive Presence as the practice of making a good impression all the time.

Harvard Business Review refers to Executive Presence as being focused and calm, being aware of your body language, and your habits, as well as connecting rather than transacting with others.

So in this section I will be talking to leaders to understand their definition of Executive Presence and what tools they have used to develop it.

Reflect on how you come across towards others:

Are you aware of your habits? Do you talk in a monotone voice? Do you use ‘erm’ a lot? What else?

Are you aware of your body language? What one area can you work on?

How can you connect with people?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being calmest) how calm are you when communicating?


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