Our Vision:

We connect and grow leaders. We really are passionate about seeing leaders thrive by providing  tools to develop and build strong relationships. We provide a service that is flexible and accessible where you can learn and grow, in your own time. Your leadership journey,. Your time.

Our Goals:

  • We aim to provide bite sized easy to access tools for leaders.
  • Women in leadership face unique challenges. We provide  a specialised service to equip them for their leadership journey.
  • We provide coaching packages for leaders (both virtual, and in person coaching). 
  • We aim to provide access to mentors.  Let’s learn from the giants that have gone before. 

About Racheal

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An Organisational Psychologist, and Executive Coach, with extensive international experience in both the corporate world and private practice. Racheal has worked with leaders internationally from her native country South Africa as well as across Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Far and the Middle East, Asia, USA, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. She is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Racheal provides a space for leaders to understand themselves and their world better and equip them with tools to master their environment. 

 Racheal has a curious mind, an adventurous and open spirit, and a love for leadership development. In her quiet time, she enjoys writing about leadership, psychology, travel, and inspiration and has contributed to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), several blogs, magazines and self-development websites.